6mw gas power saves producion

6MW gas power saves production Jan van Marrewijk

Over the past 12 months people have been working in Dinteloord to build a 12.5 Akers greenhouse complex for the company Jan van Marrewijk B.V. When commissioning the permanent installed gas driven generator to provide power and heat to the greenhouse a problem arises which caused a risk to the production scheme of tomatoes. On the 16th October, Jan van Marrewijk went to his insurance company “ Pinc Agro”  in order to deploy a mobile solution. Pinc Agro asked Aggreko to deliver a 6 MWe and 3,5MWth temporary power plant and within a few days, the mobile gas driven power plant was up and running.

The scope of this project is unique in the Netherlands, there has never been such a large mobile "gas power" project realised before. The whole installation consists out of six gas generator sets of 1375kVA. Each generator sets is build up out of two stacked 20ft. containers, one container for the gas engine and a container for the heat recovery equipment.

The whole action could be completed quite quickly because during the construction and design fase of this greenhouse the owner “ Jan van Marrewijk”  took in to account to provide emergency connections for gas, heat and power. On the manifolds spare connections where present. Due to the good cooperation between Jan van Marrewijk, Pinc Agro and Aggreko, the production of the tomatoes has not been in jeopardy.

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