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Recently already the sixth gas project was inititiated in the Benelux. Since the introduction of the environmental friendly generators, the gas generators appear to be a true success story!

Aggreko supplied a temporary gas installation to the customer of 1000kW 11kV 50Hz, including 80 metres of cables. During 40 weeks the installation will serve as backup for the existing 3 gas generators , which will be replaced.

Rental of gas generators
Rent a gas generator as an alternative solution for a diesel generator in times of emergency, peak-shaving or scheduled maintenance to your installations. For rental purposes, Aggreko have developed a new, flexible gas generator which is capable of replacing your combined heat & power cycle installation. Or, of course, as axtra capacity - ready when you need it during power generation, heating or drying applications. Our new gas generators can be linked to your existing installation and can be deployed on full load, either parallell to the mains grid or in island mode.

Aggreko's gas generators are not only environmentally friendly, but also very efficient and cost-saving. Read more on gas powered generators.

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