Aggreko is the rental supplier of mobile CHP!


Aggreko is always developing and is continually dedicated to find the best solutions. Aggreko is the sole rental supplier of gasgenerators that can provide both heat as power (CHP).

Our gasgenerators can be used to replace your own CHP system during maintenance or when you need extra power. This groundbreaking application brings you more flexibility. Next to this, a big advantage will be that it won’t be necessary to buy expensive power if you need to illuminate.

Our innovative mobile total energy installations (CHP’s) can be used parallel to the net as they can be used in island mode. Thanks to the thoughtful construction, our mobile CHP’s can be easily integrated into your own installation and will take over the system without any changes or worries.

Especially for horticulturists: rental solutions for temporary power and temperature control

  • Rent a generator for temporary power for all kind of application
  • A solution for every season to control the temperature of processes and buildings
  • Rental generators, chillers or air-handlers to increase your production capacity and to optimize the production process
  • Chillers of any other temperature control equipment for peak saving in your production process.
  • Full service and ready to use for every project implementation, including highly qualified engineers
  • Rent a chiller or cooling when replacing, or maintenance on your cooling system
  • Rental chillers or air-handlers for cooling of the greenhouses
  • Rent a loadbank for power simulations and capacity tests on your installations

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