Power, heating and dehumidification for hot and cold stacking

Aggreko's specialist power, heating and drying solutions enable cost-effective preservation of important assets during the lay-up of rigs and vessels.

With a local presence near all major ports, our experienced engineers provide a rapid and responsive 24/7 365 service to support hot and cold stacking requirements.

We can help:

  • Protect critical components of your capital assets
  • Significantly reduce rig or vessel operating costs whilst mothballed
  • Lower recommissioning costs and reduce reactivation timescales

Cold stacking

Utilising temporary power generators and specialist heating and drying equipment we ensure a vessel or rig's equipment is kept in optimum condition whilst mothballed.

Dehumidification units and associated distribution trunking can be installed to achieve sufficient air circulation, both within ‘controlled’ spaces and throughout major individual items of machinery, equipment and systems.

Whilst helping to keep cold stacking costs to a minimum, Aggreko’s environmental control solutions also help prevent deterioration of the structure and onboard machinery to provide a quicker and more cost-effective option at reactivation.

Hot stacking

Aggreko's portable diesel generators offer a cost-effective solution to delivering on-board power whilst a ship or rig is hot stacked.

Our generators (20 kVA - 2100 kVA) can be rapidly stepped up or down, depending on demand, to provide power for regular onboard maintenance operations, staff welfare facilities and the recommissioning process.

With our generators replacing the need to operate the main engines and emergency generators, we can reduce maintenance requirements and operating costs.


  • Global reach - consistent capabilities worldwide with bespoke solutions to match local requirements.
  • On-site scoping study - determines most efficient solution from our extensive product range.
  • Turnkey service - from design to installation, service, maintenance and fuel management.
  • Expert team - a dedicated team of application specialists, process, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers are available throughout the project.

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