Tempreature Control

Aggreko is experienced in creating improved temperature control processes, materials and environments. Our temperature control solutions result in a longer operating life for your equipment and increased productivity.

Aggreko offers custom-built temperature control equipment and experience in implementing solutions across the following areas:

  • Modular cooling towers providing high-volume water and wastewater chilling
  • Air and water-based chiller and air conditioners to supplement installed process systems or provide HVAC services for workplaces
  • Heat exchangers, including food-grade units, boost process productivity
  • Electric heaters offer flame and fume-free heating, including TecHeat for pest management
  • Dehumidifiers giving plant operators greater latitude in controlling variable product or ambient-air conditions

Our technical specialists will quickly deploy equipment and monitor performance to ensure a continued, reliable service. To find more information on our Temperature control applications, please browse our Case Study library or visit the Industries section in this website.

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