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Cooling Tower Rental

It can happen to the best of us: a cooling tower malfunction. This suddenly reduces your cooling capacity and may even be the reason of a temporary shutdown. To quickly resume your production process, you can call Aggreko Cooling Tower Services (ACTS) to advise you with a temporary solution with rental cooling towers.

ACTS works in many different ways; from restoring production capacity of a steel plant 2,500 miles away, to supplying power to a nuclear plant under extremely low ambient temperatures. Find out for your self how ACTS combines years of experience in cooling processes with the wide range of possibilities of our rental cooling towers. We look forward to analysing the vital areas of your cooling process.

Why you may want to rent a cooling tower:

  • Increasing production during hot summers or peaks in demand
  • Maintaining production capacity during cooling tower maintenance
  • Reducing downtime after an emergency situation or a disaster
  • To comply with QHSE regulations without having to make compromises

We can supply you with the largest available temporary cooling tower fleet in the world, plus a team of experts who will advise you the best they can. From renting a cooling tower after an emergency, to boosting your cooling capacity: with ACTS at your side, you’ve got yourself a reliable and experienced partner.

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