Rental Cooling Towers for repair and replacements

Repair and replace Cooling Towers

In the past, cooling tower repairs or replacements were often planned around stops or turnarounds on a plant. Today, these stops only seldom occur. With a rental cooling tower in place, you can still be able to execute repairs and replacements within the available period of time that you have. Aggreko can be your partner in service, wherever you may be.

Aggreko Cooling Tower Services can install a temporary cooling tower as a replacement of your cooling tower without having to shutdown the cooling processes. When a part of your main tower is being replaced, Aggreko can supply you with a comparable rental cooling tower. Our tower(s) will then cool the water and lead it back to the bassin of your main cooling tower.

he moment your cooling tower is fit for replacement, Aggreko will replace the complete tower including the pump system. This way, your engineers can check and replace the tower without shutting down the cooling process.

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