Renting a cooling tower for extra cooling capacity

Extra Coolingcapacity

Especially during hot summer months, your production capacity can significantly drop when your cooling tower is having capacity issues. Aggreko can help you maximise production by supplying you with extra cooling capacity, or helping you reduce the water temperatures of your processes.

Aggreko will provide extra cooling capacity in two different ways. First, we can lead the heated water from the main cooling tower towards Aggreko cooling towers, after which it flows back into the normal cooling process. This method is also used when we temporarily replace your cooling towers by Aggreko rental cooling towers.

The other way is to isolate a certain heat exchanger or group of heat exchangers from the main cooling tower and connect it to the rental cooling tower that has been pre-adjusted to reach the desirable temperature. In case a certain heat exchanger or group of heat exchangers is being restricted by temperature and water flow, the temporary cooling towers can supply the necessary cooling water te ensure optimum operations. If necessary, you can always hire extra cooling towers until your problem is solved.

This process does not only offer advantages for the heat exchanger(s). By restricting the heat and the water flow of both the main cooling towers and the pumps, the water temperature of the other heat exchangers will be reduced and flow is optimized. Eventually, this will lead to better commercial circumstances.

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