Heated water discharge with Aggreko's cooling towers

Heater water discharge

Plants that depend on cooling water suffer from the restrictions on heated water discharge in times of drought or extremely hot weather, or due to intensified environmental legislation. Aggreko specializes in providing solutions for these restrictions. We can provide you with three solutions to maintain production while respecting environmental restrictions.

1. We pump part of the heated water out of the sewer, cool it down and mix it with the rest until its temperature is within boundaries

2. We isolate part of the heated water, cool it down and distribute it back to the production location. This way, we reduce the total water flow of your plant's cooling source.

3. We isolate the plant from the singular water source and connect it to a cooling tower that has no discharge restrictions.

Aggreko is able to install and commission a fully functioning (modular) cooling tower system within a few days. This way you can prevent being troubled by heated water discharge in any location.

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