Containerised and canopied gensets

Caontainerised and canopie generator sets

Aggreko generators are either built in canopies or in a container.
Canopy generators are available in 30kVA to 350kVA. Containerised sets range from 500kVA to 2100 kVA.

Our generators are often hired for:

  • Temporary power supply for planned maintenance, temporary shutdown of transformers or during incidents in the main power grid
  • Peak shaving
  • Power suply for GSM antennas, oil platforms or construction sites.
  • Power supply of temporary and mobile installations at events, road shows or parades
  • Testing machines with different voltage or frequency
  • Emergency power supply for public buildings, banks and insurance companies, industry or construction

Other rental power generator types: 

Aggreko’s local technicians can not only deliver your generator, they will also take care of installation and (de)commissioning of the set. With us, you can rent power without any concern.

To speak to one of our representatives please call

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